Saturday, March 08, 2008

Week 10 of year 2008 on the double bass

2 Mar 2008, Sun: I practised excerpts from Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. While practising, I kept wondering what is the kind of soundscape that Berkeley hopes to create in this piece of composition.

4 Mar 2008, Tue: I worked on the middle section of Faure's Sicilienne, yet it felt demoralising that the intonation and the shifting of positions needed much more work, even when played at a moderately slow tempo. Times like this make me question if I am competent enough to perform music.

5 Mar 2008, Wed: While waiting for the orchestra's annual general meeting to start, I practised the first and second movements from Eccles' Sonata in g minor. Something needs to be improved though I can't exactly point out.

6 Mar 2008, Thu: Is it a lack of confidence or a need to polish sight-reading skills? I attempted supposedly easier sight-reading pieces from ABRSM Grade 4 sight-reading works, but I was still struggling with sight-reading syncopation rhythms.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the lesson working on part of Berkeley's Introduction and Allergro. Intonation and rhythm need more work.

8 Mar 2008, Sat: I attempted to learn to play the 4th movement of Eccles' Sonata in g minor, yet I did not move past the first few lines of the movement. I wonder what kind of foundation I would have to lay musically in order to be confident in playing the movement?

Afterwhich, I started practising selected passages from Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro

The practice for the day simply appeared to give very minimal benefits. I was barely concentrating. The feeling was more of a lack of confidence and concentration. Hopefully that was only an one-off affair.

Time seems to fly so fast. It can be troubling to realise how fast time can slip away. How can I make better use of it?

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