Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strange emotions

Thunder within
Inner turmoils
How to make sense of these?
The strange phenomenon
That swings one's emotions
From anguish
To protests
And to tears


mistipurple said...

it sounds so hormonal to me; something you cannot control cos it's nothing to do with the 'control button' but with the balance internally. *hugs*
i had days like these before, py, and i knew it was my hormones and the doc confirmed it. can discuss this with a sympathetic doctor. :)
need a recommendation, let me know. got to wait very long in the queue though.

oceanskies79 said...

I don't know if it could be hormonal, but it has been painful to sense a reality and one's ideal going in separate directions. How does one find the balance?

Playing music provides occasional relief. But I sense I would need to play music similar to those composed by Beethoven.

mistipurple said...

Beethoven suffered a lot during his lifetime. as he grew 'deafer', his music reflected his growing frustrations. to think that he was almost 'mozart-like' in his early compositions.

okay, back to today's time.
ideals are just, ideals. we can strike a balance of living our ideals with facing hard reality. (i'm going to sound incoherent at some point, because my building is drilling right next to me and the studios are pounding hard muzak)

i think, as long as we're alive, we are going to suffer, one way or another. i hate to say that only the selfish will enjoy their lives, because it might mean that they are indifferent to the sufferings going on around them. i am risking my neck to say this, but this is how i feel. i think as humans, we should help the less fortunate, in whatever way we can. because their plot is life is far worse, and they have no one to help them.

so, perhaps, my 'reality' is, i count my blessings and know that the world is a tough place to be in. i live out my ideals by helping in whatever areas i can. because these are my ideals. my ideal is to help the really old and poor and discarded in society.

sorry for the rambling. i hope i am making some sense.
i am at peace because i feel fortunate in many ways, despite my really awful financial situation which i have no choice but to bear it out at the moment because i am not just living for myself in the company. there are many people who are taking advantage of us and it's an awful place to be caught in. anyway, this is my sincere sharing with you.
the noise is making me write longer than i should. haha.