Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comfort food

In the mind runs the tune from the Carpenter's Rainy Days and Mondays even though it is neither a rainy day nor a Monday.

Walking has helped a bit, but that stifling feeling does not seem to go away completely. Would it just be a passing feeling of the moment?

I know that having time to enjoy some peaceful moments would help, so I went to a museum. Thank goodness that there is such thing that's called the museum etiquette to be observed. As such, the museum felt like a relatively peaceful haven for yours truly. Furthermore, it isn't a museum open-day today, so there's not too much a crowd. I could only say that peaceful moments are luxury items in today's world.

Sometimes I feel like hiding away from the external world. I can't adjust to its loud noises. What sound to be normal volume for others can feel very loud for yours truly. Have we impose too much sounds for our ears to bear such that when the volume is lowered, we feel as though we couldn't hear well enough?

So in the attempt to distract myself from a rather unpleasant world, I tried to seek some comfort from food. Got myself a waffle cone sundae from Ben & Jerry's. Chose the chocolate fudge brownie flavour, as I suppose chocolate often has the magical touch of perking me up, so long that I don't overdose myself with chocolate.

For some reasons, something seems to be bugging me, and I can feel that "bug" in my bones and all over. How does one find the right words to make sense of one's experience? I doubt comfort food would help much.


mistipurple said...

wanna see a good doc? hormone imbalance? can cause general discomfort you know! mine tends to be wacky at times.

oceanskies79 said...

For a moment, I had wanted to say that this post was meant not to be interpreted literally.

Sigh, hormone imbalance.

Simple American said...

The Ben and Jerry's ice cream sounds great. :)

dreaming-neko said...

what's your fave b&j flavor?
i like chunky monkey :)