Sunday, June 25, 2006

This can lead to panic attacks

Hopefully mental practising does help somewhat.

It is about a month to the music practical exams, and today, I felt not in the mood to practise. I tried to work on the rhythms, singing out the tune of the double bass at a slower tempo. I have no mood today to play on the double bass. However, more concentration appears to be needed even when it comes to the task of singing out a tune. I somehow could not get some rhythms right. So I decided to give myself a break.

Much later the day, I continued to revisit the same work to get the rhythms right. I started to get slightly better with the rhythms. Then, it became quite worrying that the work is much more rhythmically challenging than I had thought!

Well, now I have to unlearn being anxious, and relearn the skill of relaxing.

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