Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday's music theory lessons

Today's music theory lesson was fairly rewarding. My music theory tutor enlightened me of the relationship of the notes in a Dominant Sevenths scale and a Diminished Sevenths scale. The concept was actually much simpler than I had thought. Understanding the concept is certainly beneficial to my playing. Now, I can play these scales with understanding instead of through rote memory.

My progress in music theory appears to be slow but steady. As I look back, I have been taking music theory lessons for slightly more than six months already. When I first started out taking music theory lessons, I have never thought of taking music theory exams. I just merely wanted to learn enough to improve my appreciation of music in general.

Last week, my music theory tutor managed to convince me that I could sit for the music theory exams either March or November next year.

Contrary to how I have been feeling towards the music practical exams, I feel much more confident securing at least a merit for the Grade 6 music theory exams. At the pace that I am learning the Grade 6 music theory, I should be fairly competent in it to score a pass by next year.

Music practical exams are, in my opinion, so much more challenging than music theory exams. I don't know if it would be fair to compare the two together. Anyway, maybe the idea is that being slow and steady does not necessary have to be a bad thing.


Simple American said...

I would say slow and steady is the best way to learn. Wish I could learn from your theory teacher. Wish I had time to write music.

Anonymous said...

hey py!

hang in there. im working hard for ur piano part too. not the easiest thing in the world to play hur hur~

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Hope time will be on your side.

Emz: Thanks a lot...I have no idea that it is that challening.

Anonymous said...

just passing through.....looking for music (theory) blogs