Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I dread taking HIM out

My dear husband, the double bass, stands about 2 metres tall, has a waist which is probably much thicker than mine. Is not too heavy, but may prove to be fairly bulky at times.

I am hoping to take him out for lessons and for exams. But the thought of taking him out of home can be dreadful. I wonder if there is any decent music studio nearby my home I could bring him over for lessons? The nearest that I know of is one MRT train station away. I don't have good vibes about having lessons at home, the construction nearby my home can get noisy at times.

I have been having thoughts of getting a double bass wheel to fix onto my instrument. The only thing is that the end-pin on my instrument just can't be pulled off, maybe unless I take off the entire tail-piece??

Should I bother to spend money to get the instrument worked upon, purchase the double bass wheel so as to bring him out? The no further cost method is to carry him as per normal in his softcase, but it can be demanding and more so a psychological put-off to carry him across the miles.


mistipurple said...

hmm.. i wonder if there is a school or a tutor who will lend you their studio set whilst you are there. (we do that with the guitars.)

emily said...

Hello peiyun!

you have two options.

#1 - change a tailpiece & get a wheel. this will set you back $200=$300

#2 - change the case to get one with a wheel. this will cost slightly more that $300.

Yup! =)

pinkie said...

I'm most afraid that my guitar will be hurt along the way, I dare not bring it out even though it cost slightly more than a hundred, it's precious to me... maybe I'm risk adverse or know that I can be a careless person...

imagine your husband is so huge... *rolling eyes*

Simple American said...

Thats a lot of money. Hope you can find a reasonable solution.