Friday, June 30, 2006

30 crotchet beats in a minute

30 crotchet beats in a minute. This is the tempo that I have set my digital metronome to. I can't set the tempo slower than this. This is the slowest possible tempo on my metronome.

This evening, I practised the Marcello's Sonata in g minor at this tempo. My tutor suggested that I practise using a slower tempo for this two weeks. I suppose doing so can help the muscle to 'memorise' the fingerings? Playing at a slower tempo can also helped me to be more conscious of my intonation and the rhythm.

Meantime, I am not confident that I could practise 3 hours every day. I was feeling very tired (physically and mentally) after work that I could hardly have the energy to play the excerpts from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. As such, I played the Marcello's Sonata in g minor. I hope I was merely going along with the flow and being careful not to overwork myself?

Practising anything more than 1.5 hour on the double bass today might have made me suffer fatigue from playing the double bass. My mind is feeling as if it is only clear enough to do things that do not require too high a level of cognitive functioning.

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Simple American said...

Do what you can. Don't burn yourself out. OK! You should do some everyday but without killing yourself.