Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Triple 06

The date today is 6 June 06, and if we were to write it in numerical format, it would be 060606.

Perhaps because of the numerical combination, many people has chosen to get married today. I just heard from the news on television that many people chose to register their marriage today.

Today is also the date whereby a colleague of mine and her beloved have their marriage solemnised. Congratulations.


Simple American said...

Funny they get married.

Over here goofy people are hoping for the end of the world. Because the number is prophetical from the Bible.

oceanskies79 said...

Perhaps there is a difference in the culture between people in Singapore and America?

M said...

For sure. I was just about to post one similiar to SA. To some loonies out there they even predicted that terrorists were going to blow up America. Duh. Pass the ketchup!