Thursday, August 23, 2007

I wish for lots of good luck

My music exams for the diploma of The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music is coming soon in less than four weeks time, and my finger is still healing. I am wishing for full recovery soon. The doctor and Chinese sinseh have both advised me to rest, but I do need some time to practise and refine the music.

This afternoon, I told my double bass tutor of my exams venue, and he told me that it isn't a hall that has good acoustics.

Work in the office has been heavy, and I have to do whatever possible to be effective so that I can go home early enough to practise.

Things do not seem to be going my way. What is within my control is to simply do my best and work out the things that are within my control. I wish for lots of good luck.

On the side note, my music theory tutor suggested that I could just go ahead and play in the allocated exams venue.

Whatever it is, could you please keep your fingers crossed for me? Thank you.


Dawn said...

I still remember those ABRSM exam days. I was always a last minute person and my mom will never let me do anything around the house so that I can keep my fingers in good condition! Yes, I will keep you in my prayers, PY.

Can you rub some chinese "ging guat shui" on your pinkie? I rub some on mine religiously, it helped a little. Just an idea.

mistipurple said...

don't worry about the hall. the examiner will be aware of it. just perform your best. :)

finger can rest? i think you know your pieces well enough and need not worry with more practices.
long ago i had a teacher who advocated not playing the exam pieces again till the last 2 weeks before exam date, so as to keep the pieces fresh. probably she is of the opinion that we will practise the piece to death by overplaying it.
and.... Good Luck!!!!!

oceanskies79 said...

Dawn: The Chinese sinseh gave me medicated lotion to apply. I am not last minute person but I do wish for my finger to get well soon. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I appreciate your kindness.

Mistipurple: Thank you for your support and encouragement. I hope the examiners would be aware and be kind. I wonder how they could tell.

mistipurple said...

examiners are professional enough to tell when a room has bad acoustics, or a piano is bad. they will take into account all that. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: Thanks for your assurance, and for supporting me through three different music exams. :)