Thursday, April 03, 2008

Augmented sixth chords

My music theory tutor has on many occasions reminded me of the concepts behind the augmented sixth chords. However, it seems like I need some more time understanding the concepts, memorising the characteristics of the various types of augmented sixth chords, and recognising the type of augmented sixth chord when I encounter one.

At the level of Grade 8 ABRSM music theory, student must recognise and identify the following three augmented sixth chords: Italian augmented sixth, French augmented sixth and German augmented sixth.

Aurally, I have yet to be able to distinguish the differences between the above-mentioned three augmented sixth chords.

Anyway, here are some sources that discuss more about augmented sixth chords:

Interestingly, there is a video that aims to discuss about augmented sixth chords.

Sometimes I find music theory so complex. I actually just want to appreciate how the use of augmented sixth chords would affect the music. Then again, my ears need more training, it seems.


dawn said...

I studied music theory through Grade 8 and I have yet to figure it myself and of course whatever I have learned some are now given back to my teacher. At least I can still read the notes and sight reading is still good.

oceanskies79 said...

I wish somehow aural, practical and theory of music could be studied as one entity, instead of being taught separated. I figured I may then be better able to appreciate augmented sixth chords because I can perform it, appreciate the concepts behind it, and hear it!

Then again, it is hard to find teachers who can teach them as one entity.