Monday, April 14, 2008

Look for the blessings

Admittedly, the day has been rather frustrating. Nothing particularly that had happen during the day was the trigger for the frustration. Life just felt frustrating because it felt somewhat like a cul de sac. How does one find a way out of such conditions?

Despite the frustrating moments, there are some blessings to count. I am grateful to my friend, Mystic, for taking her precious time to call me on the phone. It feels comforting to realise that there is a friend who would be there to lend a support. Mystic seemed to be radiating so much positive energy during the phone conversation that her energy wore off the gloominess in me for quite a while. Perhaps she can share her secrets of how she could radiate so much positive energy?

Maybe the simple blessings in life are what keep one afloat when life seems to be taking one on a very deep plunge?


pinkie said...

beats me too, sometimes life is like going thru the motion, of living... so blessed to have a good friend to hear you out... :)

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, it is a blessing. :)