Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yummy nutritional food

This evening, one of my good friends introduced me to Green Connection, one of the eateries acknowledged by the Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice Restaurant. It was my first time dining at Green Connection, and I was pleased to know that it is located at a fairly accessible place, within walking distance from Clarke Quay, at Merchant Square.

I could say that my friend was thoughtful to be mindful that I have of late been having the appetite for healthy and nutritional meals. I later found out that Green Connection is an eatery that is committed to provide nutritional and healthier food. What else could I say except words of thanks to my friend for suggesting to have dinner at Green Connection?

Frankly speaking, I felt awfully spoilt for choice when I was looking through the menu. After spending much time deliberating, we eventually decided on the following orders: Oatmeal Ebi, Baked Gado-Gado, 3 types of Mushrooms with Broccoli, olive rice and brown rice.

The Oatmeal Ebi is actually a vegetarian dish that is probably meant to imitate the common local dish known as Oatmeal Prawns. When it was served, both my friend and I could sniff a delightful oatmeal fragrance from the dish. When I took a bite on the vegetarian ebi, I was taken by surprise that vegetarian ebi could taste so nice. The texture was just nice. If my friend had not tell me that it was a vegetarian dish, yours truly might have really believed her.

Without the cholesterol that comes with real prawns, I dare say that I am willing to forgo eating real prawns, and substitute them with the oatmeal ebi from Green Connection. Cooked with dashes of chilli padi, this dish has a spicy tinge to it. Even though the "ebi" were fried, but somehow they weren't as oily as I had expected. I could say that the Oatmeal Ebi from Green Connection is a healthier alternative for folks who like eating oatmeal prawns but yearn for healthier diets.

Oatmeal Ebi, one of the specialities of Green Connection.

Closed-up of Oatmeal Ebi.

How did the chef make such lovely food from vegetarian ingredients?

My friend told me that the Gado-Gado was one of the dishes that I should try at Green Connection. At $4.80 per dish, it was an affordable dish to have. There is something special about the sauce. I don't usually eat Gado-Gado but I do find the sauce to be refreshing. The more I ate the Gado-Gado with the sauce, the more I was enjoying the dish. My friend told me that the sauce is homemade using almonds and cashew nuts. I can see that the choice of ingredients is both creative and nutritional.


My friend and I had not expect much from the 3 types of Mushrooms with Broccoli. We had initially thought it to be a merely regular ala carte dish. However, to our pleasant surprise, the mushrooms (especially the dark-coloured ones) were delightfully fresh and juicy. The broccoli has a nice fresh taste, and has a crunchy yet not too hard bite to it.

3 types of Mushrooms with Broccoli

Over dinner, my friend told me that she is attracted to the clean and peaceful ambience of the eatery. I like its simple and peaceful set-up. I also like the soothing music that was being played at Green Connection. My friend said that the music reminded her of the soothing music that are often played in spas. Given its ambience, it was an affordable place to unwind and enjoy healthier food.

By the end of our dinner, we were both very full. Our sumptuous yet healthier dinner cost each person less than $15. The service provided was thoughtful. Without us even having to ask, extra sets of cutlery were being placed at our table for our use.

I found out that Green Connection also serves Organic Brown Rice daily sets at an affordable price of $5 per set. Who says eating healthy food can't be affordable?

If anyone of you happen to be nearby Merchant Court and have a craving for healthier food, do check out Green Connection.

The Green Connection @ Mellow's Place
05 Angus Street, Merchant Square, Singapore 058277
Tel: 6536 1770

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 9 pm.
Saturday: 10.30am to 9 pm.
(Last orders will be taken at 8:30 pm.)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Photo credits: Most of the photos in the post were taken by my friend.


mistipurple said...

if they're in my building, i'll probably be having them more than twice a week.

pinkie said...

nice slideshow... makes me hungry! Must recce tat place one day :) thanks for sharing...

eastcoastlife said...

Looks good. Chris will love it. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Looks like you like nutritional food that is delicious too. :)

Pinkie: My pleasure.

Eastcoastlife: And Green Connection is possibly rather accessible for Chris, maybe less than 10 minutes drive from his practice. And I am sure the food there fits you and your healthy life-style too.