Monday, April 28, 2008

Eastcoastlife's visit to the Peranakan Museum

This week, on, one can read about the various posts that are related to the newly opened Peranakan Museum in Singapore.

Eastcoastlife's post titled Peranakan Museum Opens with a Bang!! - Weekend Snapshot #21 gets featured today on Do check it out.

I am a little envious that Eastcoastlife got to witness a live demonstration of a traditional Peranakan Wedding procession. Such a sight will be very rare to see in modern time Singapore.


eastcoastlife said...

Yes, it is very very rare to witness a Peranakan wedding in Singapore.

Although there are some Peranakans who might go through such an elaborate wedding rituals, one needs to have Peranakan friends. :)

I'm very fascinated with Peranakan culture. At present, I'm doing a research on it. :)

oceanskies79 said...

I shall lend my ears if you would need anyone to share about what you've learnt about the Peranakan culture.