Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diet by blood type

Photo taken at Green Connection.

I have heard about the concepts of eating the proper diet for one's blood type. I can't fully comprehend how it would help when one is eating the right diet for one's blood type. However, it seems like my general health has improved when I eat more vegetables, and consciously eat lesser meat and prawns.

When I took a closer look at what would be considered proper diet for my blood type, I realised that it didn't require a drastic change in my diet. In general, I tend to like most of the food that is recommended for people of my blood type to take.

One of the more accessible charts on the topic that I have came across online is:

How effective is it for one's health if we eat accordingly to our blood type?


goldilocks said...

i guess i believe coz it sounds quite bio.

dawn said...

I think i should try the blood type diet and see if it's true. Thanks for the info!

oceanskies79 said...

JY: Let's see if it works.

Dawn: If it works, please share with me. I am trying the blood type diet...but it can demand lots of discipline to avoid certain food when those food are so easily available at any hawker centres in Singapore.