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25 May 2012: The first Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour

On 25 May 2012, while I was visiting Sydney, I had the pleasure and privilege to secure a ticket to the first ever Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour! This tour lends the visitors to an ultimate sneak preview of what goes on behind Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House.

Vivid LIVE is Sydney Opera House's Contemporary Music Festival that is held within the Vivid Sydney's Annual Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. Vivid LIVE, I learnt from the tour, is an artist-driven festival, defined by special commissions, one-off events and Australian premieres. It seemed to be a special honour for contemporary artists to participate in Vivid LIVE.

The meeting point of the Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour was at the Stage Door of the Sydney Opera House. This meant that participants of the tour would be taken to the backstage of the Opera House to gain insider knowledge behind the Vivid LIVE festival. Be prepared to receive a warm VIP welcome at the registration booth.

To respect the privacy of the performers and the crew at the backstage of the Sydney Opera House, photography is generally not allowed at most places. However, participants can still look forward to selected photo-taking opportunities at special corners of the Sydney Opera House. During the tour, our group had the privilege to visit one of the vacant dressing rooms and be treated with photo-taking opportunities right there.

One of the dressing rooms.

What was exciting was that while the music group, PVT, Australia's foremost live electronic trio, was rehearsing, our tour group had the special access to listen to them from the back of the very stage that the trio stood on! I learnt that participants of the Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour will be treated to insiders sneak-peek. I wonder what the participants on the other Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tours were treated to?

Our tour guide for the evening, Robbie, was clearly enthusiastic and excited to be the first guide leading the first ever Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour. He wore a smile that was filled with excitement and joy throughout the entire tour.

The Opera Theatre.
During the tour, we also learnt the magic behind the famous Lighting the Sails. How did the Sydney Opera House transform into an icon of colour and light with moving digital projections? The secret will be revealed during the Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour.

As I had to catch a flight back to Singapore on the afternoon of 26 May 2012, I had to miss the opportunity to listen to many of the noteworthy performances such as PVT (AUS)Karen O for Stop The Virgens (USA), and more.

Each ticket to the Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour comes with a complimentary drink (house-wine, tea, coffee, soft drinks, sparkling wine) redeemable at the Vivid LIVE Festival Bar, The Bennelong Bowlo, which makes a cosy place for some dance or a drink.

Vivid LIVE Festival Bar.

I am very pleased with my choice of attending the Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour. It was a positive and memorable experience. I highly recommend it!

Vivid LIVE Stage Door Tour
Sydney Opera House
2 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
Tour Tickets sold separately to Vivid LIVE show tickets. Limited spaces available.
Price: AUD$55 per person (no concession price available)
Dates: 6pm before evening performances 25 May – 3 June 2012

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