Tuesday, June 26, 2012

25 May 2012: A morning at Milsons Point

Each time when I visit Milsons Point in Sydney, I will recall my first visit to Milsons Point on 16 Nov 2010 when one of my dear friends, RL, went the extra mile to walk with me to Milsons Point. I recalled feeling touched by my friend's gesture of kindness and generosity when she took the time to walk me all the way from Circular Quay to Milsons Point. It was possibly one of my most memorable walks that I had in Sydney.

When I visited Milsons Point on a Friday morning in May 2012, Luna Park was one of the first landmarks that greeted me when the ferry arrived at the Milsons Point wharf. The next two other landmarks that caught my eyes so fondly were the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Such peaceful and beautiful moments inspired me to sketch. 

As I sketched, I fondly remembered a recent visit to another point of Milsons Point which another friend, FH, had brought me to on 21 May 2012 with her daughter. I have to say that Milsons Point is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

I was grateful for a chance to visit Milsons Point in the morning. Somehow, the morning rays that fall upon Milsons Point make it especially beautiful. While I was at Milsons Point, a group of school-girls asked for my permission to take a photograph with me. I wonder if one of them may somehow chanced upon this blog one day by a stroke of luck and fate?

Whatever it is, when I pass by Milsons Point, I shall remember the kindness of two friends. I am deeply grateful for these wonderful and kind friends. 

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