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Tea break at Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade, Sydney.
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While I was in Sydney in May 2012, I am grateful that my friends made time to catch up. One mid-afternoon on 25 May 2012, I met up with one of my friends, FH, for a brief and meaningful tea-break.

On my own, visiting shopping malls would not be anywhere on the top of my list of things to do as a tourist. Yet, I have had a pleasant visit to one of the malls in Sydney. Credit goes to my friend for highlight the interesting nooks and corners of the malls to me. I am thankful to her for sharing her interesting perspectives to design and how various design concepts were applied by certain stores in the mall.

Interior of the mall.
Question: Which mall did we visit? 

Answer: Strand Arcade.

While writing this article, I learnt that The Strand was established in 1891. It was the fifth and the last of the arcades built in Victorian Sydney. Yet, today, it is the only one remaining in its original form. The best parts of the arcade have been carefully restored.

I was attracted to this Shoe Repair store.
It seemed to remind me of the good old days of visiting a cobbler.

Visitors and shoppers can find in the Strand Arcade a number of retailers that have traded in Sydney for decades as well as various Australian designer fashion and specialty stores. One of such examples is Dinosaur Designs which specializes in home-wares and jewellery. I like the organic and simple nature behind its various designs.

Concluding our visit to the Strand Arcade, my friend and I treated ourselves to the Swiss Dark Hot Chocolate with Soy Milk from Strand Expresso.

I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to catch up with one of my friends over tea-break, the time to be acquainted with various Australian designer stores and a wonderful cup of dark chocolate.

During my short visit to the Strand Arcade, I did a few things that were new to me! It was my first time exploring the Strand Arcade with a friend and taking notice of the various Australian designer stores in it. It was my first time taking notice of stores such as Dinosaurs Designs and Strand Expresso. I felt I was not the regular tourist visiting the usual tourist attractions but a visitor who is learning about how the locals of Sydney live their everyday life. Many thanks to my friend, FH, for introducing me to Strand Arcade over an afternoon tea-break.

412 - 414 George Street
Sydney NSW2000
Location Map:

Nearest train station: St James.

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