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25 May 2012: Gothic Revival time at Government House

The autumn greeted me at the Government House, Sydney.

While I was in Sydney in May 2012, I was a little intrigued by my choices of places that I had explored. I had initially thought that I would have logically considered a visit to one of the major art museums but in the end, I ended up at two of the historic houses in Sydney on 25 May 2012. I visited the Government House and the Susannah Place Museum.
Within the compounds of the Government House.

Government House Sydney.

Imagination will serve to be a most useful tool to help visitors to visualize the grandeur of the Government House which was said to be "the most sophisticated Gothic Revival building in the colony". Built between 1837 and 1845 for the Governor of New South Wales, I learnt that the Government House was designed to present an impressive front. It was designed by British architect, Edward Blore, who was also involved in the design of the Buckingham Palace. In my mind, I imagined how grand the Government House would look as sailing vessels sail into the Sydney Harbour in those days.

Photography is not allowed inside the Government House. There is an online website that offers a gallery of photographs of the interiors of the Government House. Here is the link: Government House - images. Thankfully, it was possible for visitors to take photographs of the exterior of the Government House. The facade of the Government House exudes an elegant charm that seems to transport its visitors to a nostalgic moment in the past.

Inside the Government House, one can see portraits of the Governors of New South Wales. What drew my attention most of all was the ballroom with spaces for the musicians of the orchestra to perform. The House Music programme will bring the ballroom to life whenever musicians perform in the ballroom of the Government House.

Leaves on the grounds of the Government House.

My parents would mostly likely be bored if they were to visit the Government House. Yet, this place will be a lovely place for anyone who likes to visit historic buildings to experience the charm of an architectural style that seemed to sought to revive medieval forms. Visitors ought to make some time to visit the Government House's garden after the guided tour. I felt very peaceful walking about the garden within the compounds of the Government House. It was like visiting a private garden that was located within the much larger Royal Botanic Gardens.

Government House
Royal Botanic Gardens, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Access into the Government House is strictly by guided tour. The guided tour is free-of-charge. Tickets to each of the guided tours of the Government House is distributed at the gatehouse at least half-an-hour before each tour.

As the Government House is occasionally closed for functions, please check this website for information on the opening hours of the Government House:

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