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Joe Black at 27 Commonwealth Street

Breakfast is in my humble opinion, one of the most important meals of the day, if not the most important. It is said that a good breakfast provides us with the necessary nutrients to start off our day right. While I was in Sydney in May 2012, I decided not to have breakfast included with my hotel accommodation. Instead, except for one of the days when I ordered to have breakfast buffet at the hotel, I had breakfast at the local food establishments outside the hotel's premises. This proved to be a good choice for yours truly who prefer to enjoy a variety of options for breakfast.

Since I was a tourist in a foreign land when I was in Sydney, I did a bit of homework and came across Time Out Sydney's review of Sydney's best breakfast. I used it as a reference to scout for some of the best offerings for breakfast in Sydney. The review led me to enjoy breakfast at Joe Black, located at 27 Commonwealth Street, on several of the days because it was the one of the places for good breakfast that is located within walking distance (less than two minutes) from the hotel that I had stayed, i.e. Travelodge Sydney (Wentworth). 

Joe Black has a cozy ambience. I was pretty pleased with my experiences of having a few days of breakfast and meal at Joe Black. Service was good. On one of the days, I was in a hurry, and the wonderful people at Joe Black made a point to serve me pretty promptly. Here is a presentation of the meals that I have had at Joe Black when I was visiting Sydney in May 2012:

- 21 May 2012 (Mon):
i) Bacon and egg brecky sambo (AUD$8). This is tasty and thoughtfully made.
ii) A cup of coffee with milk (AUD$3.50), and I can't remember which type it was. Coffee is delightful.

Bacon and egg brecky sambo

- 23 May 2012 (Wed):
i) Storm'g Normans (AUD$9.50 each). This is a breakfast set with cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, avocado, poached egg served on a slice of bread. I like the choice of vegetables that came with Storm'g Normans.
ii) Latte (AUD$3.50 each). The coffee from Joe Black is wonderful.
iii) Banana bread with ricotta (AUD$5). The banana bread went very well with the rich ricotta. A yummy and heartwarming choice for lovers of banana bread.

Storm'g Normans

Banana bread with ricotta

A cup of latte and Storm'g Normans.

25 May 2012 (Fri):
i) Granola, with berry compote (AUD$8.50). I like the nice and fresh yogurt and the servings of healthy fruits. The texture of the granola gave a nice crunch feel and I like the idea of complementing the granola with berry compote.

26 May 2012 (Sat):
i) A cup of "Magic". I am not a fan of coffee yet thanks to Joe Black, I have been converted to a coffee-drinker just for the few days when I was Sydney. If I remember correctly, Magic is a 3/4 sized double ristretto flat white. This is worth a good sip!

Magic from Joe Black.

ii) Scrambled eggs on sour dough (AUD$9.50 each) with three additional sides (AUD$2 each) which include avocado, mushroom and tomato. I love the taste of the juicy roasted vegetable sides. I particularly like the avocado. The thoughtful folks at Joe Black delighted me with additional servings of sour dough.

Scrambled eggs on sour dough from Joe Black with additional sides.

iii) A light lunch: Roasted veggie sambo. This came with egg plant and other ingredients. A healthy and delicious choice for anyone who craves for a non-meat light lunch. 

Roasted veggie sambo

Joe Black is a good option to consider for a hearty breakfast in a cozy place. Even if you are not a coffee-lover, be sure to try the coffee from Joe Black. The coffee from Joe Black is absolutely wonderful! I observed that there is always a queue for take-away coffee from Joe Black. Honestly, I have no idea what all the types of coffee mean, so I had to rely on ED's article entitled Everything you wanted to know about coffee (but were afraid to ask your hipster barista) for information. Other than the coffee, I recommend the granola, the scrambled eggs on sour dough (with avocado side) and the roasted veggie sambo.

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Joe Black
27 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills 2010

Nearest train station: Museum.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sat: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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