Monday, May 15, 2006

Draft: of questions

Questions persist
Maybe somehow minimised
Perhaps certain answers can't be sought directly
For these are meant to unfold on its own?

In the middle of the vast ocean
The land could be in any direction
Go along with the wind?
Or go where there's nurturing grounds for one?
But on what basis does one decide so?


Simple American said...

When one goes to sea they must have a map, compass, and sextant. Otherwise they better be able to fish and make pure water.

M said...

Remember whence you came from and where you are heading to. It is easy to lose one's direction where the sea is vast and all routes look similiar. Recall the direction when you first set sail and the route will be clear once again?

pinkie said...

very 'chim' qns... tot it depends on whether you are risk adverse or otherwise... everywhere is for us to venture if we aren't afraid of anything... sometimes, thinking too hard about it makes one lose directions cos too confused mah...

sorrie, talking rubbish here, am a clown really :P

mistipurple said...

at this point in my life, i can only go where the tide brings me. rowing furiously of course, if i want to stay on course. but sometimes the current is too strong, and will still bring me somewhere where i didn't plan. i struggle no more, because no point also. the boat has its own agenda.

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Maybe a desalination plant may be needed? *winks*

M: Thoughts to ponder about. Thanks. But I can't quite remember where I had first wish to set sail. In the act of constant review, the direction seems to have changed many times.

Pinkie: Yah, maybe thinking too hard can make one lost in the end. ;)

Misti: Someone told me that planes who fly and reach their destination are most of the time not travelling in the desired course. They still reach their destination nevertheless, despite all the winds and storms that kept them out of course. Maybe I must wish for radar power. :P

Simple American said...

I would prefer to give you a map and teach you the north star.

oceanskies79 said...

I will be pleased to receive the map and north star.

M said...

Let me know if you need extra oars or sails

oceanskies79 said...

M: Thank you for your generous offer. I hope I will be on the route soon.