Tuesday, May 23, 2006


World War II enthuasiast may like Angela's post about her experience to three locations of the "WWII Trek" Museum Hoppin’ Trail. The message that seems to haunt me is that the price of war is extremely heavy.

Read Angela's post: The Price of War


Simple American said...

Was researching bicycles and warfare today. Learned the Japanese used a combination of tanks and troops on bicycles. They had like 100 bycycles ride with one tank. When the bycycles rode over the gravel they would sound like tanks on the move. To further increase the feeling of large armored forces the Japanese carried pyrotechnics and firecrackers.

Apparently it was effective as General Percival surrendered to a much smaller force. How embarrassing. I hope the British sacked him.

oceanskies79 said...

Actually, as best as I understand, General Percival had wanted to launch a counter attack rather than surrender. However, majority of the people in his team who were making the critical decision with him have thought otherwise..

Simple American said...

That is why a commander should command. Committees are for losers.