Monday, May 22, 2006

Needing peace

The world
It is loud
Making no sense though
For the ears needing peace

What seems normal for others
Can be a torture for one

Dreading the outside world
Is retreating to a world of seclusion the answer?
It can be a luxury


Jane said...

Peace hug for you...

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Jane.

Simple American said...

Hope you can find your peace.

mistipurple said...

sounds like you might retreat to a mountain top one day.

mistipurple said...

now seriously though, there are retreats in quiet places. have to find a suitable one. i will keep a lookout for you.

M said...

Peace is indeed a luxury. Sometimes, before you go looking for peace elsewhere, start from within and once discovered you will find it eternal no matter how distracting your surroundings can be. Start by relflecting on what makes you happy and very soon you'll be on your way :)

Goldilocks said...

take care.

going to suggest the library again though it's not always peaceful and quiet.

how about the ocean in the morning? eg: East Coast Park. it's quiet and pretty then.