Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Note by note

I continued with my practices on the double bass today. If you have guessed it right, I played scales and more scales: A-flat Major, f minor, b-flat minor. It is comforting to know that I now play my scales better than I had two years ago. One step ahead at the very least.

I tried to play the dominant-sevenths scales, and I could manage to play, but not very confidently from memory. Could anyone enlighten me about the concept behind dominant-sevenths scales? Maybe having this understanding would allow me to play it more confidently from memory?

In the attempt to boost my confidence, I decided to practise a repertoire that I was more confident of playing rather than trying out a repertoire that I was not. I chose to play the first two movements of Marcello's Sonata in G minor (transposed for the double bass). Most of the time was spent practising note by note just a mere ten bars. I reckon that would be necessary in order to improve my intonation.

The next time when I practise, I shall play some repertoire that are not in the examination syllabus. Playing music is not just about practising for the exams, isn't it?


mistipurple said...

yes yes it's not all about the exams. do play other stuff. it's refreshing after doing all the repeated works for the exams.

do seek someone who can explain the mechanics of the scales. i had a terrible time, like forever, to get my scales right, till i met this teacher who showed me the 'whole picture', and i was perfect after that. truly amazing.

emily said...

i dont know the secret to dom7ths, cuz i just remember the notes and play the notes, insteadof all the fingering stuff...

dont know if it works for you. but it works for me.

that goes for dim7ths as well.

Simple American said...

Sometimes it has to be about enjoying yourself. Let go with the music.