Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Serenity Prayer

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

The above quotation came to my mind recently. It reminded me of a friend somehow. I find it a powerful quotation.

I went to do a search about it and found the following URL of interest:
http://www.aahistory.com/prayer.html (This tries to unravel the origin of the Serenity Prayer and how it came to be used by A.A.)

I think I would need to ask for more wisdom and courage.

Question of the day: How does one develop wisdom, courage and serenity?


Simple American said...

A Christian does this by studying the Bible and developing a spiritual life. To learn they require a man that has the gift of pastor teacher. This person studies the Bible from the original lanuages and then communicates with his congregation so they may learn, develop a spirtual life and grow in God's grace.

As the spiritual life becomes more secure a person develops patience which allows serenity, enables courage and increases wisdom.

Goldilocks said...

by learning through experience? seeing the positive and negative sides of each experience, viewing it at different angles.

mistipurple said...

hehe. you gave me that when i was feeling all flustered in my blog long time ago. it brought me back to earth. thanks! :)

your question is a big question, though the answer is probably as simple and powerful as the serenity prayer.

you asked for more wisdom and courage earlier. trust that indeed more wisdom and courage will come to you! that is the first step you took and it was the step needed. hugs for your journey. i will be with you. :)

dreaming-neko said...

by loving, living, and learning :)

pinkie said...

am not wise and cos have some guts, tat's why far from serenity.

Kinda agree with goldilocks though...

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you everyone, sounds like there's a lot of wisdom here.