Saturday, May 13, 2006

A long weekend

It is Saturday and this weekend will be a long one for myself. I will be on annual leave on the coming Monday. Since yesterday was a public holiday which I did not have to report for work, this weekend shall last four days in duration for myself.

This morning, I met T. and J. for breakfast. The initial idea was to have dim-sum, but we ended up at the Coffee Club cafe at Ngee Ann City shopping complex. The breakfast there met up to expectations, and the service was good. At the very least, the waitress there was attentive to notice that I have dropped the tea-leaves-strainer, and came (without me having to request) to have it replaced and to clear the little mess that I have made. Breakfast tasted nice when eaten with good friends.

It was nice to catch up with friends and hear about perspectives and ways of life different from my own. Perhaps that was why that we did not realise that we had spent close to two hours at the cafe.

Afternoon was spent practising on the double bass. The task today was to practise some of the minor scales, both melodic and harmonic. I played along with a pre-recorded piano accompaniment. Hopefully such practices would help to improve my intonation.

Yet the commitment to practise does not come naturally. To be truthfully, I have no inclination to practise anything other than scales today. Lately, I don't seem to take any interest in playing contemporary pieces. I have, however, a preference to play orchestral pieces. Yet, I have learnt, that to be productive in my practices, it is more helpful to be easy on oneself.

Later this evening, I will be attending a concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. I think I will like this evening's concert's programme.

A long weekend. But I am feeling uncertain where it would lead me to.


pinkie said...

wah, long weekend! Envy! it will lead you to wherever, dun think about it ya... just enjoy! :)

Jane said...

I'm enjoying my long weekend too..I had Thu and Fri off last week..makes it 4 days for me... been lazy all day...
mmmmmmm I love long weekend!

car@ said...

OH!! you also have a concert lah? jejeje!! hope it went good too! :-)

Anonymous said...

The first time I had dim sum was with Yng Lyn, Yng Yin and their mother.
They were little pieces of art and I can't wait until I can get my hands on dim sum again.