Friday, July 04, 2008

An exhausting week

After an extremely stressful work-week last week, this work-week had been an exhausting one. I am thankful that there are colleagues who have rendered their words and acts of concern. It comforts me to know that there are people who care. I think their concern have helped me cope better. At least, I am feeling a little less anxious even though workload continues to be pretty challenging, if not more than last week.

On the side, I shall be thankful that I have a chance to work so hard. There are people who yearn very much for a chance to work and to contribute to society, but still did not get a job. I hope they would somehow clear the obstacles and the prejudice, and perhaps overcome their own emotional disappointments with how things have turned out.

July and August would be months that I won't be able to take long breaks from work due to some prior work commitments. At the same time, as I needed very much a long break from work, I shall start looking for a tour agency to make flight and hotel reservations for a trip to Sydney, Australia. The plan is to visit Australia in mid September. Hopefully, I could make a one-day stay at Melbourne too. This would be a trip to meet up with a few of my friends and to take a breather.

Mystic suggested that I enquire with SA Tours. I shall see what it could offer to someone like me who prefers to go free-and-easy, and travels most likely alone. Travelling solo could be a confidence building experience which my trip to London (in year 2005) has proved to be.

Meantime, I just wish I could effectively live the next few weeks with ease and stride.


Doreen said...

It's ok, Sept will be here in no time and soon you will be able to enjoy your holiday.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Thanks for your encouraging words.