Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 28 of year 2008 on the double bass

6 Jul 2008, Sun: I tried to work out how to play a couple of bars from Osbourne's Gargoyles. I would like a better, clearer, more resonating tone on the double bass and yet have achieved so. I suppose one thing about playing music is that it trains me to learn how to deal with feelings of self-doubts when I could yet to achieve the kind of sound-scape that I would like to hear.

It was rather dishearting that my practice of Osborne's Gargoyles did not work out as well as I would like. I decided to take a break from it and to practise the first movement from Dittersdorf's Second Double Bass Concerto.

7 Jul 2008, Mon: I practised the second movement from Dittersdorf's Second Double Bass Concerto.

9 Jul 2008, Wed: I was feeling very tired for the day. Anyway, I decided to play less demanding studies to focus on improving on articulation and to achieve a warmer tone on the double bass.

10 Jul 2008, Thu: My dear double bass tutor was very kind and brought the scores for Dragonetti's Concerto in A major so that I could sight-read it. It was a challenging sight-reading piece for it! I could barely manage the first page. Honestly speaking, Dragonetti's music did not appeal to me as much as Bottesini's. Nevertheless, my tutor shared that audience may enjoy Dragonetti's music because it appeared to be so difficult.

For the remaining part of the lesson, I worked on the second movement from Dittersdorf's Second Double Bass Concerto. I am glad my tutor helped corrected some errors I have rhythmically.

11 Jul 2008, Fri: I practised selected passages from Rossini's "The Barber of Seville" Overture.

Afterwhich, time was spent practising the first movement of Dragonetti's Concerto in A. I specifically focused on practising the first 20 bars. It was satisfying that I have managed to get the notes correct after about an hour of practice.

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