Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cast your votes for Singapore Blog Awards

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the blogs that I have been reading regularly, and which have been nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards. Here's a short post to lobby for support for the deserving bloggers who have written those blogs.

Voting for the Singapore Blog Awards is opened from 30 Jun 2008 to 31 Jul 2008. Everyone is entitled to cast ONE vote in EACH category EVERYDAY!

If you would think the following bloggers are deserving, please visit their blogs and cast your votes for them daily. Voting ends on 31 Jul 2008.

Best Youth Blog Finalist: Lion City. Jaymes 007
Most Entertaining Blog Finalist: Eastcoastlife
Most Insightful Blog Finalist: ieatishootipost
Best Design Blog Finalist:
Best Individual Blog Finalist: Good Morning Yesterday

All the best to the above-mentioned finalists!

1 comment:

eastcoastlife said...

Thank you again oceanskies! I need more votes. :)
6 days left.