Friday, July 25, 2008

Mustering all strength

I am wishing for strength and patience
Today I find myself not as effective at work
I was slower at making judgement
The awfully fast pace of work has worn me out

Mustering all strength
To stay focused
And to keep my cool
Even though there were times I felt out of focus

Could I last these trials?
And emerge stronger?

At the same time
So many questions now go on my mind
Is this the life where I can best contribute?
Or is it time to change focus?


eastcoastlife said...

It is good that you have so many questions... that shows you need a change. Consider carefully. Happy weekend.

Doreen said...

Well, now that the weekend is here, you can finally take a break and relax. The answers will come naturally when you have an easing mind. (^_^)

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: Thanks. Wishing you a happy weekend too.

Doreen: I hope the answers will come naturally. May you have a good weekend.