Saturday, July 12, 2008

Those days after school

During my junior college years, when I was about 18 years old, the Chinese orchestra that I was then participating in had its rehearsing venue along Waterloo Street. The rehearsals were at times held in the weekday evening.

If there was still some time between my last lesson at college and the start of the rehearsal, Stamford Road would be where I would usually go to. The MPH Building back then was an inviting place for folks like myself who enjoy quiet places filled with books. Nearby, the once National Library at Stamford Road offered more spaces to read lots of books. In those times, music scores were available at the then National Library (and library@esplanade did not even exist). If I needed some fresh air, I could climb up the stairs near the back of the substation to proceed to Fort Canning Park.

Today, many of the above-mentioned places have changed. Stamford Road has changed dramatically from how it used to be many years ago. The MPH Building was renamed and no longer function as a mega bookstore. Gone was National Library at Stamford Road. Nevertheless, memories still stay. Everytime when I pass by that part of Singapore, it would bring me some nostalgic feelings of the days when I was a student looking for quiet ways to spend my time.

How did you spend your free time when you were a student?

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