Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mending the broken pieces

Was it due to stresses and misfit in job? I haven't been my usual self of late.

Just this evening, I realised I could have lost my camera during a work-related event. I didn't even realised so until two days later. Usually, I would have been fairly careful to keep my camera properly by me. I wonder if the camera would be lost and found? Whatever it is, I am preparing for the worst.

I realised that performing too many activities that require a lot of extroverting from my end takes a lot of energy from me. It is in the world of introspection, reflection, analysing and deliberation which recharges me. Perhaps this is why I am drawn to the world of writing. The activity in itself recharges and soothes me.

Broken pieces of my life, waiting to be mend. I am urging myself to think of the possibility of brighter days so that I could hang on and move on despite feeling fragile of late.


mistipurple said...

being with people also tires me. i can probably not feel stressed with only one or two people.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: In some ways, we share similarities. :)