Thursday, July 17, 2008

To ask or not to ask

Pardon me
I have been ignorant
Such that I don't know how
To make sense of things

I can't read minds
There are questions I wish to clarify
Yet to ask
Or not to ask
I don't know where to start

Do my questions matter?
Actually I have been living without the answers
Each reconciliation, if this is the word, seems to come so naturally
I don't know whether questions would matter

The essential statement that I have at the core is:
I treasure our friendship.

If there is any way I have done badly as a friend,
Please let me know, so that I can be a better friend.

1 comment:

mistipurple said...

to every individual, the course of action to take is different. i have no clue too on how every mind works. i guess, at the end of the day, we each do what we're personally comfortable with, and hope for the best result.