Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An article to read

When I was reading a post at Jason Heath's blog, I came across an article by Tom Strini titled Classical musical world being pushed to periphery.

Here's a short quote from the concluding passages of the article:
...Classical music must embrace its marginality and make a modest nest in a splintered marketplace.

Here's the target demo(graphic): Thoughtful people with long attention spans and a little bit of money. It's a small market, but surely sizable enough to keep the music playing in this country if the classical business is smart enough to draw them out and serve them well.

We'll have to be content to practice, extend and (I hope) write and read about this noble tradition within a modest sphere and leave celebrity and fortune to Janet Jackson and the rest. The music will have to be enough.

It is quite an insightful read. Check it out here:


Simple American said...

Pop music follows the instant gratification that society prefers. Quick poppy little tunes that do not require the listener to think. Neither do they afford anyone a chance to relax.

Jason Heath said...

Thanks for highlighting this article! I like th new things you've been doing with your sidebar. Hope you're doing well.