Sunday, February 25, 2007

Emily's turning 21

Emily's turning 21-years-old, and a party was held two days ago at a chalet located in what I consider as a remote place in the Eastern part of Singapore. It was so remote that there was no public bus service nearby the place.

One of the ways to get there was to take a private shuttle bus service from Tanah Merah MRT station. I had actually missed the 6 p.m. shuttle bus service that would take me to the place even though I had arrived at least 5 minutes before the departure of the shuttle bus! Well, thanks to the fact that there was no clear signage.

Any host who invite me to a gathering that involves more than a few people would soon realise that I have the tendencies to travel out of the gathering on my own to seek space. Since the evening sun was still out to light the lands, I could not help but travel out of the chalet on my own to take photographs while there is still some sunlight.

I realised that the Changi Airport is just fairly close. About once every five to ten minutes, a plane would fly past the skies right above. When I took a closer look at the people who congregate at the nearby beachside, I realised that they could be there to watch the planes flying past. Well, provided that I that I only have to do so once in a blue moon, plane-watching can be a fairly interesting experience. I like having to see the silhouette of a plane against the darkening skies.

It seemed that the darkening skies and the occasional roaring of the passing-by planes had prompted me to take a series of photographs whose theme revolved around the idea of bleakness. Which might seem strange if they were taken in the context of a birthday party, but please be reminded that I was not in the party then.

When the skies turned too dark, I headed back to the chalet. By then, there was quite a fair bit of guests. Not keen on mahjong (someone has taught me but I did not bother to remember the rules) nor watching what's shown on the television, I opted to test the food. Hey, the salad, the curry chicken and many of the other food items tasted very good. I later learnt that many of these were prepared by Emily's ah-ma (grandmother). She must have accumulated years of culinary experience to come up with such delicious food.

Here's to thank Emily and her family members for making the party possible. Thanking Emily's ah-ma for the good food.

And of course, one of the highlights of the party was the singing of the birthday song, with a birthday cake waiting to be cut. And the star of the party must of course be present.

There was a phototaking session after the candles on the cake were blown. I realised that there was quite a number of double bass players at the party!

When the night got darker, QH kindly gave me a lift on the car. That got me back to civilisation much earlier than expected. Thanks QH.

Emily's actual birthday is just a few days away, here's wishing her a Happy Birthday!


Edwin said...

Wow. Never seen that side of Singapore, nice pics.

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Emily!
wishes for you to make even greater music!

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday to Emily.

Thanks for taking us along to the east side with your photos PY.

emily said...

hi misti and simple american!

thankx for your birthday wishes... its hard becoming an adult!!