Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crazy day

The day appeared to be a crazy day. Mid-afternoon, I felt I was being attacked by moments of pain. Had my colleague, HP, not given me a painkiller, I think I might have fainted from pain in my office. Folks who know me would know that I dislike taking painkiller, but it became a necessity for the day. No amount of reasonable singing out aloud would be able to relieve the pain, it seemed.

Right after I knock off from work at 5.35 p.m., I had to take a taxi to rush down for double bass lesson. No time-off to take for this afternoon. At the start of the double bass lesson, I discovered with much disbelief that I had left the scores for Marcello's Sonata in G major at home! I had wanted to go through it. Then again, it wasn't the end of the world. I had the scores for Keyer's Romance and Rondo, and after going through the entire Romance and Rondo, my dear tutor got me working on playing the Romance section with good tone and good sense of musicality. I love feeling the vibrations of the double bass. Those vibrations can be very healing. At least the sense of pain gradually left me by the end of the lesson.

Double bass ended a little late at close to 7.50 p.m., then I have to take another taxi to travel to the venue where I have music theory classes. On the way there, I could not help but feel hunger pangs. I hardly had time to take a decent dinner from such a packed schedule. When I reached Toa Payoh, where the music theory classes were held, my first instinct was to find the shortest queue and grab a quick dinner.

I felt quite ill-prepared for music theory classes. I hardly could find time to revise music theory for Grade 6, and the music theory exams will be on 10 Mar 2007! Anyway, my dear music theory tutor has helped me lay a fairly good foundation in harmony, and if I take care and prudence in answering the exams questions, I should pass at least.

Right now, I can't help but feel the pain returning back again. What can ease the pain? Some kind of pain can make me feel like I am dying. This is one of those.


Simple American said...

Play more music PY. It worked last time, right?

mistipurple said...

sigh.. talk about 'dying pain'.. have some standby tablets. know you hate them, but have them on standby only k? at least for moments like these, you can pop one in.
and, like SA said, play more music. they seem to heal you way better. better still, pop a pill and play music when the pain is bad.

M said...

Most definitely agree with both SA & Misti. Play and let the music heal

Waterfall said...

PY, I hope you're doing better. "Dying pain" does not sound good at all. :(

I agree with mistipurple--music usually makes things better, but sometimes we need a little more than that.

Goldilocks said...

have you seen a doctor for the pain?

Anonymous said...

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