Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free Admission to Mystery Men exhibition on 19 Feb 2007

Good news for the folks who like indulging in enriching lifestyles: The Asian Civilisation Museum extends its opening hours for Chinese New Year (View Source)!

Right now, at the Asian Civilisation Museum, you can be among the privileged ones to view and get close up to the mysterious finds excavated from the most important archaeological find in 20th century China. These artefacts are being exhibited for the first time here in the Southeast Asia region at the Mystery Men: Finds from China's Lost Age exhibition.

There are a lot to learn at the exhibition. If you would like snippets of my earlier visit to this exhibition, please click on this link to my post titled: At the Asian Civilisation Museum: Mystery Men.

The better news is that on 19 Feb 2007, admission to the Asian Civilisation Museum will be free. That would include free admission to the Mystery Men exhibition.

What is more, the Singapore River HongBao 2007 will be held fairly nearby, at the Esplanade Park from 16 Feb to 4 Mar 2007. As such, for the energetic folks, they could check out these two places on the same day without much extra travelling hassle.

For more information on the Mystery Men exhibition, please visit the following URLs:
At the Asian Civilisation Museum: Mystery Men

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