Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday out with Mystic

National Museum of Singapore.

One of my good friends, Mystic, has so graciously and kindly put aside time to spend with yours truly yesterday. As a gesture of appreciation to her friendly gesture, I shall blog about my Sunday out with Mystic.

I met Mystic at about 11.30 a.m. yesterday. She was dressed in black from top to bottom yesterday, and I casually remarked that she indeed looked like "lady in black". We had wanted to have German brunch buffet at Paulaner Bräuhaus yesterday, but we were told that all the seats for yesterday's brunch had been taken up. As such, I suggested that we could check out Swiss Culture at Suntec City. Yesterday marked the my first time having a meal at Swiss Culture.

Folks, I have no photo of my meals at Swiss Culture to show you. Partly, it was difficult to take photos when the very hospitable staff of the restaurant just stood nearby us eager to lend us their every attention. Service was great. Next, we were fairly hungry that we started eating before I realised that I should take some photographs of the food first.

We ordered the following from the menu: Swiss Pork Sausage, Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Pasta, Golden Wings, the salad, the potato chowder, Home-made Tiramisu, and the marble cake.

My friend, Mystic, who is quite a critic when it comes to food, was singing praises of the food. I too agree that the food tasted yummy. First the Golden Wings make a delightful appetiser. I can't tell what seasonings were used but the wings simply tasted good. I love the rosti potato that came with the Swiss Pork Sausage, the sausage tasted nice too.

The Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Pasta stole the show for the day. The cream sauce tasted fabulous. I love the mushrooms too. They tasted fresh and nice to chew on. It pleased me to know that my friend was enjoying the food. By the way, it came to my mind that Emily may like the Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Pasta too.

Mystic, who claimed that she does not usually eat Tiramisu, sang praises of the Tiramisu at Swiss Culture. I think the Tiramisu that we had yesterday at Swiss Culture was delightful, and gave a pleasant conclusion to our meal. Yet, I still think Romano Ristorante Italian Casual Dining has one of the best Tiramisu in Singapore (click here to see my post on it).

Afterwhich, Mystic led me to the Candy Empire outlet located in the shopping mall, Millenia Walk. After that, we headed to Marina Square shopping mall. Perhaps one of the benefits of going out with friends is that I get to learn new things about the world around me. Mystic brought to my attention that there is this shop named Taiwan Lao Zhao Pai located in the Marina Square shopping mall. It was sweet of Mystic to share one of the Grape Jellies that she had bought with me. It tasted nice though I definitely know I won't spend my money on these. Thank you Mystic.

I pity Mystic, and I think my readers here ought to take their hats off her. Mystic had to bear with my weird sense of humour and my endless rantings throughout the entire time that she was with me. I should be impressed that she could still respond with wit to most of my rantings.

In addition, when we were at the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Mystic had to listen to me play on the double bass. Not on one, but two. We were at one of the music shops there yesterday, and I could not help but try the two double basses on display. After testing out the double basses, I have been thinking what on Earth I would need to do to earn enough money on my own merits to buy the $42K double bass from the shop. Please tell me if you know how I could do so.

In the afternoon, Mystic was most obliging to take up my suggestion to visit the National Museum of Singapore. What else could I say? I can only say that I am thankful to find a friend in her. Not many people can bear the torture that I would put my company to. I use the word torture because Mystic practically had to walk quite a lot for the entire time when she was with me.

While walking with Mystic, Mystic pointed out to me that she observed that I seemed to be walking using my hips instead of my legs. I do agree that my hips have been hurting since a while ago. Gosh, after receiving her comments, I realised that I would need to be more mindful of the posture that I adopt while walking.

One thing that I appreciate in Mystic is her honesty and that she is so kind enough to honey-coat all her truthful comments so that I would find it bearable to hear them out. Pardon me, yours truly can have quite a fragile heart.

Anyway, yesterday was one of the few occasions when I have a company with me when I visit the museum. We visited the Singapore History Gallery and all the four Singapore Living Galleries together last afternoon. There was so much to see that Mystic agreed with me that one must take time to slowly assimilate the vast sea of knowledge that one can gain from visiting the museum.

For instance, while learning about the Chinese philanthropist, Tan Kah Kee (1874 - 1961), I was impressed by this very quotation that I had heard: "Money's like fertiliser. It can only be put to good use if spread around"

One thing for certain, Mystic reminded me that I had actually used some of the currency notes found in the photo right above, when I was younger.

Mystic said that her favourite galleries in the museum were the Singapore History Museum and the Singapore Living Galleries: Food (section).

I shall also be thankful that Mystic has been most patient to wait for me whenever my eyes caught sight of a beautiful view, and would cry out: "Nice view." and then I would stop everything just to take a snapshot of the view.

In the evening, we headed for one of the eating outlets located in this building that was called Capitol Building for our dinner. We ate at this outlet that is known for its Hainanese Chicken Rice. Mystic kept singing praises of chicken rice and the milo that the outlet had served. I like the crispy texture of the Hainanese Pork Chop that I had ordered.

Deep inside me, I felt pleased that Mystic liked the meal that we had. It can be quite challenging to go out for meals with her for I felt obliged to do my best to recommend delicious and value-for-money food for this dear friend of mine. Oh well, it isn't quite a high price to pay to have a friend who would be willing to walk almost the whole day with me, without a single complaint.

Thanks for your friendship, Mystic. This post is for you.


pinkie said...

so sweet :)

wonder how much does that meal cost?

Simple American said...

What a nice day to be with a friend. Looks like you two had a wonderful time.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: The meal at Swiss Culture costs slightly less than $24 per person.

A plate of the Hainanese chicken rice that we had for dinner cost $3, I think.

SA: Yup. It sure is. :)

emily said...

hey! you know, when i was reading your post, i ALREADY knew i liked the mushroom cream pasta thingie. EVEN BEFORE YOU SAID IT!

Py, i think great minds think alike! =) YAY!

Goldilocks said...

glad you had a listening ear.

typo: Tan Kah Kee?

oceanskies79 said...

Emily: Yup. Great minds think alike.
Hope you would have a chance to check this dish at Swiss Culture.

JY: Thanks for highlighting the typo, I have amended. Yah, Mystic gave me her listening ear for all my crazy jokes and strange ideas.

eastcoastlife said...

S$42K arh! You can try your luck at this month's S$10 million Toto.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: I have already said that I want to earn the $42K by my own merits. I don't buy Toto leh.