Friday, February 16, 2007

It has found a new home!

Some of my readers who have been reading my blog for quite a while may remember the above sculpture by Ju Ming. I took the above photo of the sculpture on 10 Feb 2007, just outside the Singapore Arts Museum. At its new home, the figurines of the sculpture look dignified, calm and cool.

I am awfully biased once again. I still love the sculpture at its previous location, Riverside Point, in the Clarke Quay area, near the museum previously known as the Singapore History museum. The sculpture just seemed more cheerful and playful against the bright colours of the buildings in the Clarke Quay area, didn't it?

Photo taken one year ago.

And in case some may not realise, prior to being placed at the Riverside Point, this sculpture used to stand close to what we now know as the National Museum of Singapore. Please check this link out for the photo.

National Museum of Singapore.

I wonder what image the sculpture would portray if it were to be moved back to its former home, the grounds of the National Museum of Singapore? Actually, I think it would bring me a nice, warm sense of nostalgia.


eastcoastlife said...

I took a picture with the sculptures at Clarke Quay. I prefer them there.

Oh, I'm going to bring Jaymes to Natinal Museum on Monday.

Simple American said...

I must agree with you and ECL. I like the sculptures at Clarke Quay. Blends so much better.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife, Simple American: Yes. Great minds think alike. :)