Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Katong/ Joo Chiat walk

For my readers who are too bored this Chinese New Year season, please join me onboard a virtual tour of a walk about the Katong/ Joo Chiat area.

I took a walk about the Katong/ Joo Chiat area on 3 Feb 2007 after a nice breakfast/ brunch with two of my good friends. My conclusion is that the Katong/ Joo Chiat area is an interesting place with colourful and rich architecture for the eyes and good food for the taste buds. I also enjoy the idyllic pace of life that the area seems to offer.

As dear Eastcoastlife has been so thoughtful and kind to get me a copy of the Uniquely Singapore: Katong/ Joo Chiat Walking Guide, I shall dedicate the following two posts related to my Katong/ Joo Chiat walk to her. Enjoy the walk.

The Katong/ Joo Chiat Walk
The Katong/ Joo Chiat Walk, Part 2


eastcoastlife said...

awwww....... thanks py.

oceanskies79 said...

My pleasure. The least I could do.

Simple American said...

I still think you should get a job with the Singapore Tourism Board. The Eurasian Community Center has piqued my interest. Sounds like a place to send my kids. :P

oceanskies79 said...

SA: I wish you were one of the decision-makers with the Singapore Tourism Board. Hopefully someone there sees your comments. *Winks*