Thursday, February 08, 2007

Music exams

Practical Exams
My music practical exams (Grade 6 ABRSM) will be on 10 Mar 2007. It is now only a month away, and I wish I could have the time to revise music theory. Yet, work responsibilities, practising schedules, orchestra rehearsals, time for walking about all seem to compete for my time.

The good thing is that I don't get this panic feeling that I would be failing my music theory exams. I am thankful that for the past one year and two months, my music theory tutor has been helping me build a fairly good foundation in harmony. That gave me good preparation for the exams. Wish me luck, and please wish that time would be on my side.

Registration for ABRSM Practical Exams
On the side note, I would need to register to sit for ABRSM Diploma practical examinations soon. If I would like to sit for the exams anytime from July to September 2007, the registration dates would be from 12 February to 2 March 2007.

At the rate that I am going for my practices on the double bass, I think I may be ready to sit for practical exams this year, would I?

If I do, I must work on sight-reading. I failed today when I was sight-reading in tenor clef during my double bass lesson.


Simple American said...

You sound very confident. Good luck!

Still waiting for my daughter's results to return. She took her theory test last month.

M said...

Am sure you are more than prepared ande totally confident. Go get 'em and blow them away. Am sure that once you get into the groove you will be outstanding!

eastcoastlife said...

Hey PY,

I'm sure you would pass! And take care of your health also, ok?