Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Old Adam Road Hawker Centre

Soon after Chun See's post on the first fast-food restaurant in Singapore, he came up with yet another post of an area that is fairly familiar to me.

The secondary school and the junior college that I had studied in happens to be located fairly nearby the Adam Road Hawker Centre, and so I felt there was something I could relate to when I read Chun See's post titled Old Adam Road Hawker Centre.

Actually, even though I have been spending at least six years of my life studying in schools located in that area, I have only eaten once at Adam Road Hawker Centre (the new one though). That was when I was in my junior college years, before the new Adam Road Hawker Centre underwent refurbishment.

My favourite hang-out places after school when I was in my junior college years was not anywhere near my college. It was all the way down along Stamford Road, Bras Basah Road, Victoria Street and Suntec City.

But nevertheless, I could feel a warm sense of nostalgia whenever I read about places located fairly near my secondary school and junior college. In fact, it seems like I have an affinity with the area. I have double bass lessons every Thursday in a music school that is located in the area.

If it brings you nice memories, come join me to read the post:

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Simple American said...

Kinda funny. I always enjoy going near my old schools. Despite they do not look like they did when I was young.