Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What To Do When Bored

Admittedly, I am getting a little bored, and for that reason, I picked up Simple American's What to do bored tag.

Usually, I would ask to have more time, because there is so many things I would like to do that would need me to invest time in. It is quite hard to be bored when there are so many things I would want to do. I suppose the only time when you can see me feeling bored is as follow:

1) I am feeling ill and I don't feel like going out of my home.
2) For some reasons, most likely because the weather is not good or I am feeling unwell, I am stuck at home.
3) It is late at night, but I don't feel like sleeping.
4) I am out of home, waiting for someone or an event, and need to while time away. (though I qualify that I usually don't feel bored when I am out of home)

Otherwise, I suppose it is unlikely to find me feeling bored.

But my friends, I am feeling bored right now.

Here are some of the things that I would do when I feel bored:

1) Read
2) Practise on the double bass
3) If I am at home or have access to internet facilities, Blog!
4) Read blogs and keep checking my favourite blogs more than five times per day. Surf the internet too.
5) Study music theory, or do some music theory related assignments.
6) Go into a pensive mode, and start thinking about anything that comes to my mind.
7) Sketch (but I realised I haven't been doing so of late.)
8) Log on to MSN, and see if I can find anyone to chat with.
9) Listen to music that I like.
10) Take a nap, and take steps to make sure that I don't get an overdose of sleep. Setting the alarm clock can be helpful. If I don't like to use the alarm clock, I shall make sure I don't draw the curtains when I take a nap. Then light can shine in and wake me up some hours later.
11) Watch TV, and that would be the rare occasion when I actually sit down to watch TV.
12) Start humming, any tune that comes to my mind.

What would you do if you feel bored?


eastcoastlife said...

Oh gosh, I'm seldom bored. In fact I have so much things I want to do, I feel that I have very little time. I try not to waste my time sleeping. lol

Simple American said...

I cannot imagine you being bored. You seem to have so much to fill your days. :)