Friday, January 23, 2009

Adventures of the Old Jurong Line Part 3

Welcome to the sequel to Adventures of the Old Jurong Line Part 2.

On 20 Dec 2008, by the time the group reached River Pandan, Preetamrai had to excuse himself. As such, he and Chun See found their way to take a cab to the Sunset Way neighbourhood where Chun See had parked his car. Icemoon, Peter and myself continued our expedition towards the Teban Flyover.

We walked, and we walked, and walked. It was basically green grassland. Soon we reached a vehicular bridge that you see in the photo below. There was a tunnel. I was told that the Old Jurong Line used to run through that tunnel. Icemoon had much earlier ventured this area on his own and he wrote about his adventures in one of his posts. The tunnel did look like a 'black hole'.

I was told that there wasn't much to see in that part of the tunnel, and I was also told that it is very muddy inside the tunnel. As such, we did not ventured into that part of the tunnel. Yet, we needed to do something and that was to get ourselves to the roads. The most convenient way was to climb up the slope to get to the vehicular bridge. So up we climbed. I felt a sense of achievement having climbed the slope. At least I was to some extent physically fit enough to climb up slopes. When I reached the pedestrain walkway of the vehicular bridge, I took a photo of the slope that I had climbed.

Along Jurong Town Hall Road, Chun See drove and met us at a pick-up location. Thanks to Chun See for his generosity and offer to give us a lift on his car for our Jurong Line expedition, we soon find ourselves at Teban Garden. We saw a group of ladies preparing for a Malay wedding that was to take place the following day.

Teban Garden estate.

We took a short break. Afterwhich, we were ready to embark on more walk along the Jurong Line. Remember the tunnel that I had mentioned earlier? The other end of the tunnel can be seen from the Teban Garden estate, if we have observant eyes.

If we could not see any sign of railway tracks, it meant that the tracks were buried under the grounds that we were walking on. It was a different world under the Teban Flyover. I learnt that squatters do exist in Singapore! In addition, creativity can thrive at places that I least expect.

Chun See has written a post titled Can you guess where is this place? and he showed a photo of graffiti wall-painting that we had spotted during our Old Jurong Line expedition. If it helps to lend you a sense of how creative people can get, even though those walls aren't intended to be for the expression of creativity, do look at the photograph below. I think whoever did the graffiti work has great talents and just need a proper outlet to express himself/ herself. Can our society provide the opportunities for these talented people?

With this photograph, I shall ask that you please stay tune for Part 4 of this series.


Lam Chun See said...

I wonder how much distance we covered that day. Must be a few km at least. I forgot to bring my pedometer (a gadget you clip to your belt and which counts the number steps you walk).

Did you know that Preetam and I walked quite a distance from AYE to Commonwealth Ave west to catch the taxi back to Sunset Way? The view was nice but it was getting very hot.

Simon said...

There used to be squatters at the Sunset Way part of the line up until just before you walked it, they cleared them out along with the vegetation on the either side of Sunset Way bridge and a large garbage dump that I believe is stil sitting on the side of the railway