Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I am sorry.

Thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry,
That I haven't been sensitive enough to be mindful of your need for space.
I am sorry,
That I haven't been wise enough to manage my feelings of concern
Such that they ran out of control
Possibly making you feel stifled unintentionally.

I am sorry,
I had thought that I was doing my best possible
Yet effort and care are not sufficient
Wisdom and sensitivity are greatly needed too

I am sorry,
I have erred
And yet you have been gracious and kind with me,
And be honest with me as a friend.

I am still learning
Each and every day.
And I hope that I will learn from this mistake
To learn to be more sensitive
And more mindful
When I act.

If my flaws show up unintentionally again,
May I ask that you please remind me

Once again,
I am sorry.

Please trust me that I am doing my best to learn to be a better friend.


Doreen said...

I am sure your friend would understand. Don't be too harsh on yourself PY.

mistipurple said...

friends forgive. especially if action was unintentional.
ya, don't be too hard on yourself.