Monday, January 05, 2009

Thankful for an extremely fruitful day

5 Jan 2009:

It has been an extremely fruitful day. I was out with a very dear friend of mine to get quite a number of things done with my friend.

Reflecting, I am very glad that I have made the choice to take leave from my work to make time for this dear friend of mine. While there were a couple of challenges that we had faced during the day, I am very thankful that we had managed to resolve the important ones by being mindful of our priorities and our objectives, by being focused, by being kind and respectful, and simply, by being hopeful.

I am very thankful for an extremely fruit day. I believe the entire experiences for the day would help contribute to make my year of 2009 be a positive and fulfilling one.

The satisfaction and the fulfilment that I had felt from the extremely fruit day made me realise that one of the greatest successes in this world for me would be to be of service to my friends. I am thankful for the honour and privilege to be of service to this dear of mine.

I wish for her positive vibes, well-being and joy.

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Doreen said...

Everyone would be glad to be your friend. Have a good day PY!