Saturday, January 31, 2009

People to be grateful for. Part 7


I dedicate this very post to my loyal and faithful friend on blogland. As best as I recall, I came to know Mistipurple in Oct 2004 through blogging. Thanks to my blog-post I passed ABRSM Grade 7 which she had probably read by random chance and commented on. It is perhaps thanks to fate that Mistipurple and I got to know each other, and I am pleasantly honoured that despite the fact that I tend to write between the lines and make my posts at times hard to decipher, she has faithfully been around to read my blog from time to time over the past four years and more.

I greatly appreciate the kindness, support and encouragement that she has given me over blogland through the many kind comments she has left me. The power of simple words of kindness should never be underestimated. I thank Mistipurple for brightening many of my days with her simple acts of kindness.

I would also like to thank her for specially making time out of her busy schedule to support the concert The Butterfly Lovers that I had played in on 27 Jul 2005 just a couple of days before the orchestra went to Aberdeen for the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. I am touched by her generous gesture to help find supporters to attend the concert. Thank you Mistipurple for your kind gestures.

Mistipurple has been patient and understanding to me. During my very first lunch meeting with Mistipurple, I experienced painful cramps, and she did her very best to be helpful and accomodating to me. While I realised that she doesn't enjoy walking too much, she went along with my love for walking and so graciously covered miles and miles with me. Hopefully she can find delight in what I deem as beautiful: The sceneries that can be seen from the Esplanade's roof-top.

I thank her for her precious and thoughtful gifts of HEAROS earplugs. For yours truly who needs a lot of peace and space away from noises, those earplugs came very helpful when I have to go for road-shows or attend any function where there are speakers blasting away. I would like to thank her for the extra mile that she goes just to help me get a particular type of earplug that I had wanted. Her thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Mistipurple has good memory. I am pleasantly delighted that she remembers that I like dark chocolate, and don't have an interest for milk chocolate.

Kind people like her deserve the best things in life. I wish her good health and enthusiasm. May life be gracious towards her and help her achieve success in her life.


mistipurple said...

ah, what a pleasant surprise!
friends like you are like dew drops in the scorching sun. i experience true friendship with you and you renew my faith that there are some good folks left in this world.

thank you for accepting my idiosyncrasies. please know too that you will be the first i'll be arranging for a meal out with when i am free from my business woes.

i have never forgotten our proposed date to that special chocolate bar which i've never had the 'heart' to meet up for. because my heart is always laden and overloaded all these years, i know i could not truly enjoy an outing with free wings. thank you for giving me my space, and still keeping me as a friend without compromise. you are a gem!

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: My pleasure. Thank you for your friendship too.

Hope good luck will be with you. You need some lightening up dear.

goldilocks said...

(a) 玫瑰花粥 = 5玫瑰花 + 100g粳米 + 10樱桃 + 白糖;
(b) 桃仁粥 = 10-15g桃仁 + 75g粳米; OR
(c) 当归母鸡汤 = 15g当归 + 15g党参 + 1老母鸡 + 葱生+ 姜 + 料酒 + 盐.
Think (a) can be used to make tea (more convenient).

goldilocks said...

For cough, 川贝枇杷茶 = 6g川贝母(property: 微寒), 15g枇杷叶, 2tbsp麦芽糖. Bring to boil (on high heat) 600ml water with 川贝母 and 枇杷叶. When it boils, simmer until half the amount of water is left. Remove 川贝母 and 枇杷叶, add 麦芽糖 and cook until half the amount of water is left.

oceanskies79 said...

JY: Thank you for your lovely remedies. I greatly appreciate your kind thoughts.

Now I wonder whether who would go and buy those for me and prepare those for me since my grandma doesn't live with me anymore, and I would rather buy ready-made remedies than to cook them myself.

Honestly, I prefer to spend my time playing the double bass, writing and reading than cooking.

goldilocks said...

try the dried rose tea then. simple to make: boiling water and dried roses from chinese medical hall. 玫瑰花是温性药物。如果你的体质寒(容易怕冷畏风,有疲倦感,手足易冷),玫瑰花(温性药物)适宜。

goldilocks said...

Otherwise (ie: if 体质 above does not fit yours), go for 桃仁 (平性-性质平和)。