Friday, January 09, 2009

Thank you for your guidance

Here is a simple to post to thank Carcar for making time this evening to have dinner with me, and to lend me her guidance and listening ears as I try to sort through some issues on my end.

I have got to get to know a few acquaintances who gave me delightful company over dinner.

After dinner, Carcar and I chilled at one of the Cafe Galilee. Carcar shared with me about how the logo of the cafe which consists of five loaves and two fishes was related to a biblical story that took place in the Galilee region. This story is commonly referred to as the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes.

Interesting, during our time at the cafe, Carcar also shared with me about the analogy of a kungfu master who is so keen on imparting all his kungfu to one of his disciples. The disciple, however, was not ready to receive his master's powers. In the end, when the kungfu master tried to use all his might to impart his powers to his dear disciple, the disciple died because his master's powers were too strong for him to receive, all at once. There's perhaps a time for each and everything.

Carcar also gave me encouragement and insights to help me think through some issues that I have had on my family's end. Hopefully all would work out well eventually.

I thank her for her invaluable company, insights, and guidance. I don't usually share much about my world with people in general, and strangely, it felt comforting and safe enough to open a part of myself a little this evening. Thank you very much, Carcar. I appreciate you for making time for me this evening.


Doreen said...

I hope everything work out fine. Have a good weekend.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Thank you for your wishes. I wish you a wonderful weekend too.