Saturday, September 10, 2005

Out with Mistipurple

Please harbour no envy.

I should write the above statement since I figured that about half of those people who visits my blog actually got to know my blog through Mistipurple.

Met Mistipurple for lunch today. This was the second time that I met her. My first meeting with her was a brief one, after the concert held on 27 July 05.

We had lunch and I shared with her some of the postcards that I have bought in Scotland and London. She also viewed the photos that I have saved on my camera. Mistipurple is such a nice lady to offer me large doses of compliments. She must have sensed that I was highly in need of positive strokes, especially that I was suffering from bouts of pains from having a period.

So I offer here, my apologies and my appreciation to Mistipurple for bearing with me when I was simply not able to think well when I was suffering from the pains. I felt blood was not flowing well to my brain and my mind could hardly work well. Well, I can be at one of my worst when I am suffering from those pains. Did not experience the pains last month, and this, I was grateful of.

I wonder, why females are picked on to bear such pains? If we were unlucky, it would be a monthly affair of pain to endure. Periods can be inconvenient, but I know that it is because of this process that females could have the ability to prepare themselves for birth-giving. Why females only? Why let females bear the suffering? But I guess I shall take back my words for perhaps unknown to me, our male counterparts could have been bearing greater pains that life has made for them?

After we have finished our meals, we left the restaurant since it was getting quite crowded. We walked towards a part of the building where there were seats. While we were sitting down, Mistipurple shared with me tips on relaxation and that was quite helpful. I would be able to assimilate better if not for the pain. But I think Mistipurple must be wondering why yours truly simply refused to take pain-killers. I just don't want to be too reliant on them. Anyway, previous experience told me that the pain should go by mid afternoon. It did.

Whatever it was, I was glad that the excruciating pain went away by 2.30 p.m. That was good news for me, for if not, I fear I may have to take up Mistipurple's suggestion to return home. Too early a time to want to be at home. It is weekend, and I want to be out.

So freed from the pain, I walked with Mistipurple to the Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay. We spent time there. Showed Mistipurple to the Esplanade's rooftop, the Library@Esplanade and so forth. I hope she would find the place nice. Where possible, we sat down and chat.

When the time came to bid farewell, it would be unnatural to resist. Here, I would like to thank Mistipurple for her time. Thanks for being so patient with me too, especially when I was suffering from the pain.


mistipurple said...

hey hey hey, it was an honor to be out with you! you aired me, you showed me places i would never have made it alone to.
i am thankful you didn't mind my silly company, as i over compensate for my insecurities. i am so happy today. (i even cleverly made it to the mrt and got my $1 back!)
(i sound like a retard saying that, but i guess i am!)

there are so so many things i am grateful about today, and i would occupy your whole page if i went on!!

thank you oceanskies!! thank you for your kind patience. thank you for listening to my endless ramblings and thank you for tolerating my company!!

oceanskies79 said...

You are certainly most welcome.

I suppose the pleasure is ours?

mistipurple said...

yes, the pleasure is ours!! :)

Calamity Man said...

aiyah, go to restaurant for what? next time im off, then we can go eat at restaurant lah but since im working, come eat at my foodcourt mah.


Simple American said...

Sorry to hear you endure the pain Oceanskies. Some poeple just find it natural to hold in pain it seems. Woman probably do a better job. I find I growl a lot and am generally grumpy because of the pain I endure from a pinched nerve. It will never go away, there is no assurance from a doctor that they could find it if they looked for it. They would have to cut me open to do so. So I growl a lot and take Super Midol when the pain is too much.

Glad to hear you two could enjoy each others company. I could not think of two people that deserve a chance to relax and enjoy some time from the normal hustle and bustle.

Calamity Man said...

i can think of one more - me!

i resolve to treat myself to a holiday for my birthday next year.

Caracola said...

Oh Dear! you are sooo lucky you can meet her often! i want Misti to show me her tricks of relaxation too,jajajajaja! no kdd maybe i can use them when angry bosses or guests will show up yealling and shouting at me....
I really hope you can feel better seem to work so hard too!
I send you a big hug of positive energy! ;-)