Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Read: The Music Business


Title: The Music Business (Explained in Plain English): What every artist and songwriter should know to avoid getting ripped off
Author: David Naggar
Publisher: DaJe Publishing, San Francisco, CA. (2013) (Fourth Edition)

This book was recommended to me by a person whom I respect. It was a very technical book to read and I admittedly struggled through it.

Then again, it was an informative book to read. There were a lot of legal issues related to the music business and the music industry that I would not have been exposed to had I not read this book. It will come in as a handy reference.

In this book, the author, David Naggar, who is an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, shares with his readers how to properly protect the songs one has written from being stolen. In addition, he writes about the essential issues that a recording artist would need to know. He also shares about the basic issues that a songwriter will need to know and to consider.

The main question I have is whether what David Naggar has written would be applicable to the music business outside of United States.