Sunday, November 27, 2016

Read: Clarity

Title: Clarity
Author: Jamie Smart
Publisher: Capstone (2013)

This is a book that I had chanced upon. I borrowed the book from a local library, and had a pretty good read on this book. I like the way that this book was written in an accessible fashion. Instead of giving instructions on the things to do, the author id written in a way that is closely aligned with how the mind and life really works so that the reader can "catch an understanding" of the "symptoms" of increasing clarity, resilience and peace of mind.

A book that I will recommend.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Read: Venice: A New History

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Title: Venice: A New History
Author: Thomas F. Madden
Publisher: Penguin Books (2012)

Someone I know recommended this book. Coincidentally, in July 2016, I visited Venice for my second time, and it was very appealing to read the book. The first chapter was still enticing. By the second chapter, I realized I had limited knowledge of European history. Nevertheless, eager to learn something new, I set myself the challenge to complete the reading of the book.

While I cannot claim that I am a master of Venice's history, I could at least claim that I have read this book and have a sense of how Venice has changed over the ages. The rise and the fall of Venice is an intriguing story.

This book reveals the Origins of Venice. Essentially, the earliest Venetians were Romans. Venice was built from refugees fleeing from the fall of the Roman Empire. Perhaps the next time that I would reread this book again would be when I next visit Venice. By that time, I would have a deeper understanding of Venice.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Read: The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality

Read: The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality
Author: W. Edwards Deming
Edited by Joyce Nilsson Orsini
Publisher: McGraw Hill (2013)

Eager to learn more about Edwards Deming's concepts of Quality assurance, I borrowed the book from the library. This book lends insights to the ideas and thoughts of Edwards Deming. One of the ideas presented was that "dependability of service is an important quality characteristic." "Reliable service reduces cost."

This book outlines and discusses Deming's 14 points for management.

After reading this book, I felt curious to learn more about the statistical techniques that were discussed in the book. I felt curious how statistical techniques could be applied as an aid to solution of problems and as aids to knowledge and creativity.